Feelings, Friendship and Faith

All of us have feelings, and, if we’re honest, most of us profess some kind of faith.  Unfortunately, we also feel overwhelmed and lost in our “living by faith.”

Depression has become a real problem for most Americans.  Chronic depression is defined as lasting for a longer duration (20 weeks to 2 years) while acute depression lasts for up to 2 weeks (DSM IV).  At any given time nearly 7% of us suffer from one or the other.

Elizabeth Bernstein, columnist for the WSJ  http://www.wsj.com/articles/why-you-need-negative-thoughts-1471881692  gives some sage advice for defining and dealing with negative feelings.  She starts with labeling the feelings, to making a list of the positives and negative consequences of those feelings and then giving advice as to how to deal with them.  But what do we do when we feel stuck; when we can’t identify a feeling that is “continually pulling us down?”

First, it is important to remember that we are never alone in our internalized grief, fear, anger – the source of our “feeling down.”  We are not the first one to experience such feelings, and we won’t be the last.  For those of us with “a living faith’’ we know this to be true.  (Not related to religion)

Secondly, It is important not to get caught in the downward spiral of feeling alone.  Defusing feelings by talking to a friend, and be careful to find someone who can be objective – who can listen and challenge with truthful insights.  For nearly all of us, this can be someone who shares our “faith in life.”

This someone will be authentic, willing to speak the truth and ask tough questions.  They will also have a good sense of integrity and not be “gossipy.”  Nothing can ruin a friendship faster than a broken trust.  Usually such a good friend will help us find the “answer and solution from within” which is always the best.  Our own “soul-utions” (our truth) are nearly always related to our own distress.

Being responsible for all that we create means being responsible for all that we feel.  This is the beginning of a “Living Faith.”


Career and Job Finding Insights

We are living in a totally different world from our parents…or even the young teachers of our High School days.

Work is no longer about finding a job that “pays well.” If that is your focus, then you are  stuck in the world of wanting to “being taken care of by a surrogate parent.” – another name for an employer!

Today’s world of employment requires:

  1. People who know who they are,
  2. People who know that they can produce,
  3. And people who know what they want.

If your bottom line is just about money, then you are lost in the masses of “job seekers” who are competing with all the other “hungry souls” who are fighting for their prize of the “one and only job.”

Career Xpress can answer the top three questions above, and Career Xpress can differentiate you from the pack of “job mass applicants.”  Career Xpress can get you to the front of the line where:

  1. The odds are better
  2. Your training and coaching is superior, and
  3. The results have been proven over 30 years of demonstrated performance of helping people find their ideal job.

Call or email us. We can help. The investment is worth the rest of your life. You can join hundreds of others who have found a career path that is personally rewarding, professionally lucrative, and totally satisfying.

Don’t be just another employee that is part of the “75% of the negatively and neutrally engaged in their work” while they complain and fritter away their most valuable asset: their time! You can make a difference!

Call us at 401.662.8898 – I will answer your call personally, Dr. Rollin Karnehm, President.

Welcome to the Career Express Blog!

Welcome to Relational Management, your premier site for complete professional and organizational development. Our over 30 years’ experience with individuals, corporations, and institutions of higher learning has led to Work/Life balance and success for thousands of clients.

Our focus is uniquely designed to fit your personal and professional needs. We recognize that relationship is key to every issue of life. For you this means:

  • A better understanding and acceptance of yourself
  • More balanced relationships while working and living with others
  • Maximum effectiveness in planning and engaging in your career path

…We can help you evolve into a better and more successful life.

Select from among these motivational programs and individual sessions:

  • Career Development
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  • Life/Work Balance

Over 75% of the American workforce is either negatively or neutrally engaged in their work

Research shows:

  • Over 75% of the American workforce is either negatively or neutrally engaged in their work. (Gallup poll)
  • Job success and income is directly related to individual productivity (Society for Human resource Management- S.H.R.M.)
  • College drop out rate is a national crisis – 50% leave before graduation (Chronicle of Higher Education)
  • Only 35% graduate from college in the U.S., and only Hungary is worse (organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – O.E.C.D.)
  • People change jobs, on average, 11 times, and careers 3 times in their lifetime. Consequently, they never reach their optimum earning potential (US Dept. of Labor)
  • If you find the career you love and for which you are most suited, the money will follow. (Marsha Sinetar, LL Cool J, Judy Collins, Toni Braxton, etc. ad infinitum)
  • Job satisfaction positively impacts all areas of your personal life (American Psychological Association – A.P.A.)
  • Working 40 hours/week at a job you hate can ruin your life (Common Sense)

Let us help you:

  • Discover the career field, college major, or job that best fits YOU
  • Write a resume that is considered the best in the industry
  • Research your best professional fit
  • Compose the letters, emails and phone calls that can quickly turn to job leads
  • Research the best way to approach managers who control the openings
  • Interview for your most successful options
  • Negotiate for your best salary and “perks”
  • Plan your lifetime career path Enjoy a life of creative, satisfying and successful work..as it should be!
  • Workers want to be able to use their skills and abilities in a way that contributes to the organization, says the Society for Human Resource Management.

In addition to promotional opportunities, workers also want to be challenged on the job. Employees enjoy their work and are more effective when they can manage their own Career. SHRM survey.